Photo by Lore Danger.

from 1994 to 1998 – Dario Chillemi took jazz/blues/rock guitar lesson by Roberto Calì, Catania.

from 1997 to 2000 – Dario Chillemi played as singer and guitarist with the hard-rock band C.U.E.S.A.R. , with Antonio Petralia on drum, Salvo Bonomo on bass. Catania

July 1999 – Contemporary Classic Guitar workshop with Ralph Towner at the Marsala Jazz Festival.

2000/2002 Dario Chillemi played as guitarist with the post-rock band Oltrecifra; Giuliano Genetasio(keyboards and composition), Carmelo Francesco Calcagno(electric bass), Luigi Barone, alias Gigi Barocco(drum). They recorded a Demo in the Cyclope records studios, They got a review by the music magazine”Rumore”, and a mention for the originality in a music contest at the Taxi Driver(Catania).

From 2002 to 2004 – he created a laboratory for music, art and cousine in Catania, called ” La Bottega degli Infetti”, many artists were passing from there and a many records have been done.

September 2004 – Dario Chillemi started the University of Jazz in Trapani, with, among others, Salvatore Bonafede, Giancarlo Mazzù, Lauro Rossi.

2006/2007 – Erasmus program in Danzig (Poland), he studied composition, big band, improvisation with Master Kulakowski, jazz guitar with Mr Maciej Grzywacz.

April 2008 – he recorded the first version of the album “Equilibrium” and partecipated to the “Premio delle Arti” in Aquila with an audio-visual performance.

April 2009 – Seminar, techniques shamanistic of improvisation and singing. Docents: Tom Hodgkinson, Ken Hyder, Gendos Chamzyryn. School of popular music “Alan Lomax”, Catania.

July 2009 – Price “Rosa Balistreri”, Punta, Catania. Third place in the competition with ensemble Afro Bougna Band.

August 2009 – Jazz Workshop of improvisation techniques and oriental singing, docent Nguyen Le, guitarist. Sergio Amato Jazz Festival, Siracusa.

September 2009 – Bachelor Jazz. Conservatorio “A.Scontrino”, Trapani. Production of the “Jalì Songbook”, a collections of transcriptions of the old west-african music for Kora and singer, and presentation of the compositions “African Suite” written by Dario Chillemi.

School Year 2009/2010 – Guitar Teacher in the school “Federico De Roberto”, Catania.

Januar 2010 – With the ensemble Julutan Saba, concert in Teatro Donnafugata, Ragusa Ibla.

Februar 2010 – Università Cà Foscari, Venice. Audio and Video Editor, production of a Documentar Film “Memoria Popolare Siciliana”(Sicilian popular memories), director Mila Jovanovic.

March/June 2010 – Liceo Classico Ginnasio “Mario Cutelli”, Catania. Soundtrack composer with Ivan Rinaldi, Musical “Mamma mia”. First National Price in the category “Project for the school”.

August 2010 – Afro Bougna Band, production of a videoclip “Dunia Mussolu”. With Jali Moulaye Diebate, Oumy Mbaye, director Gianluca Ricceri.

September 2010 – Radio Rai3, “Radio 3 suite – La Stanza della Musica”, concert and interview with the duo “Julutan Saba”, kora and guitar, with Jalì Moulaye Diebate.

Ottobre 2010 – with the “griot” Jalì Moulaye Diebate interview, audio and video record for the Sicilian Archieve(Palermo).

December 2010 – “Un’altra Italia”, guest of the convention of italian people in Germany, Munchen. With Francesco de Francisco(voice), Serena Chillemi(Piano). Project with songs and videos.

March 2011 – He moved to Berlin.

July 2012 – “Equilibrium”. He recorded again the album of his own compositions for solo guitar  in a better audio quality. Phil Freeborn, sound engineer; Marta Collica, graphyc.

August 2012 – “D(i)ario Chillemi – A Bridge to the Past”. Release of the new album, selfproduced, a collection of pieces from the history of music, from the contemporary to the primitive style, passing by baroque and renesans periods. Musicians involved in the project : Amir Friedman(Israel), mandolin; Hui Chun Lin(Taiwan), cello; Jalì Moulaye Diebate(Senegal), kora; Bara ‘Ndiaga Dieng(Senegal), voice; Subroto Roy Chowdhury(India), sitar; Tomi Simatupang(Indonesia), voice and guitar.
Phil Freeborn(U.S.A.), sound engineer, Marta Collica(Italy), graphyc and illustrations. The cd has inside some blank pages where the listener can write or drawn is own impressions, a diary.

December 2012/January 2013 – Sicilian tour with ensemble “12°null”, Hui Chun Lin(cello), Max Loeb Garcia(electric guitar), Peter Kunhsch(percussions). Concerts in theaters (Teatro Coppola, Teatro Machiavelli – Catania, Auditorium Scuola di Musica Comunale – Siracusa) and clubs.

February 2013 – Concert „A bridge to the past“ & Skype Conference with Wirrarrika People direct from Mexico. 

10th of March – Hall of Fame 2013 – Dario Chillemi played for  “Hall of Fame 2013″, the show is transmitted by the Berlin 24 Network TV.

22 March 2013 – Equilibrium – Audio Visual Concert – Dario Chillemi plays his compositions from the album “Equilibrium”, projecting videos and performing with the Invisible Gnomes Orkestra. Libreria la Escalera, kopernikus str 1
Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany.

31 March 2013 – Guitar Recital with Dario Chillemi – @ @ Handmade Music im Haus am SeeMein Haus am See . Brunnenstr. 197/198, 10119 Berlin-Mitte.

13 April 2013 – solo guitar and Gnomes Orkestra – Tacheles, Oranienburger 54 – 56a, Berlin

21 April 2013 – “Equilibrium” – Audio Visual Concert- Dario Chillemi, guitar and soundscapes, Ben Mergelsberg, videoart. – Mano Cafe, Skalitzerstr 46A, Berlin

26 April 2013 – Guitar Solo – Peppis Käse Lager Weichselstrasse 65, Berlin. www.peppikä

6 May 2013 – Equilibrium – Audio >Visual>Performance – Dario Chillemi, guitar, Andrea Pennisi VJLapsus, videoart . – Cafè Pulp, piazza Umberto, Catania.

20/22 May 2013 – The Important Questions – Klima Berlin 1 – 48 hours performances – Mike Hentz and Guests. The group of participants will travel for 48 hours to private and public places in Berlin and experience and create a poetic journey and thematic blocks. The journey is about dealing with various issues and trying things out, alternating dynamics with quiescent reflection. – Month of Performance Art – Berlin

20 September 2013 – Herbstmusikfestival in Loitz – Guitar solo for the “Gaestezimmer” exhibition by Mike Hentz.

October 2013 – Dario Chillemi started a new concert concept, “Concertrazione”, where he plays for 3/4 hours to lead himself and the audience in a state of “Trance”.

October 2013 – He bought a van, a caravan, called “Colomba”, to be used for artistical purposes, the project “Accidental Rituals” officially started.

26 dic 2013 – “La Parola è Supposta” – performance multimediale created by Andrea Pennisi ‘Lapsus’ and Dario Aiello Blatta. Centro Culturale Zo, Catania.

February/March 2014 – Journey to Senegal – after the presentation of the new Jali Diebate album “Silinka”, where he partecipated, he went with him to Dakar and Ziguinchor(Casamance) to perform in many west african radios and Tvs, like Radio Walfadjiri, Zig radio, RSI, etc etc.

27 April 2014 – Autonomer Beauty Salon, Zurich – “Concertrazione” + audio visual performance.

16/18 May 2014 – Mongolfiere Libere, Berlin – music and dance performance.

20/22 June 2014 – Ynicon, Menfi – Dario Chillemi played with the AFA Afro Funk Arkestra.

4 July 2014 – TTT, werkstattraum, Sommerfest – 2 dancers + 2 musicians, feat. Vega & Joe Edelman dance, Dario Chillemi – Classic Guitar & Enrico Ciaccona – Electronics.

7 August 2014 – Sunset Concert– Guitar Solo+Dj Lorenz Electronics – Schleuseinsel, Goerlitzer Park Berlin

8,9,10 August 2014 – Music and Contact Dance – .

28/31 August 2014 – 6 hours performance with Mike Hentz + solo concert,

24 September 2014 with Jali Diebate&AFROBOUGNA BAND, COPE, Cortile CGIL, Catania.

26 September2014 – solo concert al MOON – Move Ortigia Out of Normality

27 September 2014 – Guitar Solo – A Bridge to the Past – Antico Convento, Giardini Iblei, Ragusa Ibla.

3 October 2014 – Julutan Saba – Jali Diabate&Dario Chillemi – Kora&Guitar. MOON – Move Ortigia Out of Normality

16 October 2014 – Vernissage in Muenchen – “Loui Rudolf Gerer: Leben auf Rädern” – solo concert.

30 October 2014 – VENICE – TEATRO FONDAMENTA NUOVE – MAMAZA GARDENSTATE – Dario Chillemi will play a “Concertration” of 2/3 hours.

3 January 2015 – A Bridge to the Past – Biblioteca Comunale Giardini Naxos(Messina).

9 January 2015 – A Bridge to the Past – Benefit Concert for the association “Balouo Salo”.

19 February 2015 – Equilibrium – Audio Visual Concert – Playground Lounge – Berna.

21 March 2015 – San Birillo(decollato da strike!) – Artistic Collective Performance – Teatro Coppola – Catania.

4 April 2015 – Full Moon Orchestra – he starts to organize collective music improvisation sessions based on the “Conduction” technique, an hands language that everybody(also non-musicians) can understand and use… – ass.cult. Gammazita, Catania.

11 April 2015 – Presentation of the Marilina Veca’s book “Splandiana, il nome nascosto”, music commentar by Dario Chillemi -Casa del Libro “Rosario Mascali”, Siracusa.

17 April 2015 – A Bridge to the Past – Sequenza musicale spazio temporale – Casa del Libro “Rosario Mascali”, Siracusa.

18 April 2015 – Cena Muta – Dario Chillemi organized a dinner where the verbal communication was prohibited. – Teatro Coppola, Catania.

24 April 2015 – Julutan Saba – Jali Diabate, Kora and voice, Dario Chillemi, guitar and voice. – MAMA AFRICA, Catania.

4 Maj 2015 – Full Moon Orchestra – collective music improvisation sessions based on the “Conduction” technique, an hands language that everybody(also non-musicians) can understand and use… – Moon Ortigia, Siracusa.

26 April, 3 and 10 Maj 2015 – Learning and discuss about the Greek Tragedies with Prof.Gian Paolo Renello and the musician Dario Chillemi, special guests: Moni Ovadia, Donatella Finocchiaro, Francesco Colella, Francesca Benedetti. – Artemision Garden – organized by Casa del Libro “Rosario Mascali”, Siracusa.

26 Maj 2015 – Equilibrium – Audio Visual Concert – MOONORTIGIA, Siracusa.

30 Maj 2015 – Street Art Festival – Impro trio with Antonio Aiello(doublebass) e Antonio Longo(drum) – Caltagirone(CT).

2/6 June 2015 – Dario Chillemi organized David Fernandez – tour/residence in Sicily – Eccecello residence and concerts at the MOONORTIGIA, Siracusa.

5 June 2015 – Eccecello+Equilibrium – Palestra Lupo, Catania.

12 June 2015 – Afro Bougna Band – Ghana Festival in Malta, con Jali Diabate, Oumy Mbaye, Abramo Laye Senè and Noemi Costanzino.

20 June 2015 – Afro Bougna Band – World Refugee Day – Licata (Agrigento).

27 June 2015 – Afro Bougna Band – World Refugee Day – Acireale (Catania).

11 July 2015 – LALA FESTIVAL – Kiel –

July 2015 – “A Bridge to the Past” Solo-Concert. – Altes Rathaus, Neuenhaus.

July 2015 – Solo Konzert – Audio Visual Concert – special guest Adriana Carta videolights – in Openluchtmuseum Ootmarsum, OOTMARSUM, Holland.

5 September 2015 – Architecture exposition: “Itinerari di luce attraverso le culture” – Reading:Francesco di Lorenzo, Music:Dario Chillemi – Chiesa dei Cavalieri di Malta, Ortigia, Siracusa.

19/20 September 2015 – Ursino Buskers – Street Art Festival – Catania.

22/29 September 2015– artist residence at MOON – Move Ortigia Out of Normality.

5 October 2015 – Solo Concert – MOON – Move Ortigia Out of Normality.

15 October 2015 – Dario Chillemi starts residence and collaboration in the Greenhouse, Berlin.

20 October 2015 – Alex Kozmidi and Dario Chillemi guitar solos – Recorded and Broadcasted Radio Gumbo – Greenhouse, Berlin

11 November 2015 – Solo Concert – Ostpole, Dresden.

19/27 November 2015 – Spontaneous concerts at the Refugee Camp in Berlin.

20 November 2015 – Performance Music/Dance/Visual with Anir Leben and Emanuelo – Bettolab, Berlin.

27 November 2015 – Equilibrium – Audio Visual Concert – Bonobo first floor, Greenhouse
Gottlieb-Dunkel str. 43/44 , 12099 Berlin

28 November 2015 – Concertrazione – 3 hours solo concert – Casa Cacao, Berlin.

5 December 2015 – Solo Concert – Medusa, Kiel.

26/30 December  2015- Be-Si Connection, 3 impro-concerts with Hui Chun Lin, Salvo Barbagallo, Antonio Longo, Tommaso Vespo, Andrea “Lapsus” Pennisi and Enrico Saccone. – MOON – Move Ortigia Out of Normality. Siracusa.

14 February 2016 – Sunday Jam “Euphorya” – Dario Chillemi plays for a dance class/jam. (Berlin)

19 feb. 2016 – Them Pretty Song – Them Pretty Songs ACOUSTIC GIG at Herman Schulz(Berlin) with Khanh Nguyen Thanh and Enrico Ciaccona.

21 feb. 2016 – CONCERTRAZIONE – long meditative classic guitar concert – Bettolab, Okerstr. 43. Berlin.

26 feb. 2016– A Bridge to the Past – Salon Incanto (Berlin)

6/13 March 2016 – Euphoria – THE EXPERIENCE~~ * Euphoria * celebrate your body in the flow ~~2 hours of skillfully designed LIVE MUSIC for sharedindividual and/or connected DANCE journey in an amazing location. – Neue RossStr. 4-5 – 10179 Berlin – NordWest-Eingang

21 March 2016 – G.I.O.C.O. – Greenhouse Improvisers Orgasmic Collective Orchestra. Improvisation laboratory in Berlin.
Soundpainting (live composition) worshop 1st Level
We will celebrate springtime in the Greenhouse with another session of collective improvisation.

24 March 2016 – Zuruck ins Gluck – music for the production of the video for the renewed Club Sisyphos.


7 April 2016 – Centro Culturale Zo (Catania)
Live Afro Bougna Band:
-Jali Diabate, kora and voice.
-Dario Chillemi, guitar.
-Noemi Costanzino, bass.
-Oumy Mbaye, jembé.
-Laye Sene, variuos percussion.
-Angelo Puglisi, drum.

19-21-April 2016 Soundpainting workshop + concert – Greenhouse Berlin 2-Day Workshop for musicians, dancers, actors und and visual artists.
Teacher Hada Benedito, organizer Dario Chillemi.

4th Maj 2016 –  A c C i D en ta l R i Tua l S
KLASSIK JOUR FIX – Exceptional spring celebration
at OTOMOTO, Pufendorferstr.2 (Friedrichshain) 10249 Berlin
Djs : Ludwig Seyfarth with a selection of operas
and Mike Hentz specials and unheard of the 20th century
Live on guitar: Dario Chillemi.

8 Maj 2016 – Dario Chillemi plays for the “Contact Dance Jam” – Neue RossStr. 4-5 – 10179 Berlin – NordWest-Eingang

15 maj 2016 – Culture’s Day. From Sunrise to Sunset. Concerts + Performances + Food. One day of Music and Art at the Greenhouse, 8th floor. Starting 15.5.2016 at 5.10h till 00.21h. “Concertrazione“.
Dario Chillemi played a concert during the sunrise(5.10h), then a full day of art and performances was followed. Interdisciplinary jam during the day, open to all different kind of arts. Organized by Dario Chillemi.
Artists involved:
Mike Hentz, Dario Chillemi, Linda Jozefowski, Joel Holmes, Stefan Röslmair&Roi Weinstein, Andrea Monticciolo, Jan Schuster, Sean Efaws Son, Vik Specifik, Ciccio Marruggio, Chandra Brooks, Mayall Moana, Lucia Cordero, Federico Rolla…

12/13 July 2016 – Symposium about Fear – Dario Chillemi  recorded a video of his composition “Face the Fear”, he invited also other artists to perform about this theme. location was Lenin monument (Ernst Thalmann) in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

22/23 July 2016 – Lala Festival – Kiel – Dario Chillemi performed for the 3rd year at

12 August 2016 – Dario Chillemi published “Face the Fear” on Bandcamp. He started the research about Fear.
While improvising during a contact dance jam in Berlin, I created a song called ‘Face the Fear”, and I felt the urge to investigate about this crucial emotion.
The “Face the Fear” project is a very innovative approach to the research between music and philosophy, what he calls the “Musimatemagica”.
The result of the research is a ballet called “Face the Fears the Dreams appears”

16 to 26 september 2016 – Dario Chillemi took part of the ORTIGIA SUN FESTIVAL.

16 Ottobre 2016 – Symposium sulla Paura – Casa del Libro, via delle Maestranze 20/22, Siracusa

22 Ottobre 2016 – Symposium sulla Paura – Palestra Lupo, Piazza Pietro Lupo 25, Catania

3 december 2016 – Sana e robusta, un coro per il “No”. Gapa, Via Cordai, 47, 95121 Catania

10 december 2016 – Impro Concert Evening – Music and Dance – TATWERK Hasenheide 9, Gewerbehof.Aufgang1,3.OH, Berlin

21 december 2016 – After Work – Afro Family – Chilometro Zero.

22 december 2016 – Jalì Diebate, Dario Chillemi and Oumy Mbaye play for Amnesty International. Gammazita, piazza Federico di Svevia, Catania.

28 december 2016 – Dario Chillemi will open the Afro Family concert at “La Cartiera”. Catania, via Casa del Mutilato.

30 december 2016 Dario Chillemi & Friends. Chilometro Zero, via Grotte Bianche, Catania.

1 january 2017 – Dario Chillemi – A Bridge to the Past – Bitterì, viale presidente Kennedy spiaggia libera n.1, Catania.

2017. Radio Colomba was born. Dario installed a little music studio inside his camper van and begun to make interviews to many people and asking artists to give art and performances contributes to the “Face the Fear” project, in order to have a more collective and plural vision of the thing.
Radio Colomba, also defined as “the Immaterial Goods Catcher”; in the last years he recorded many concerts, performances, interviews or just stories from the people he encountered on his travels.

January/February 2017 – Dario Chillemi organized a series of events/concerts to discuss and perform about “fear”, many artists and people took part and contribute. Gammazita, Midulla and Palestra Lupo, which are cultural associations in Catania, sponsored and hosted the project which culminated with the “Festa della Paura” on the 12th of February, which was starting at the sunrise and end up at the sunset.

4 february 2017 – “D(i)ario Chillemi – A Bridge to the Past” Spazio Culturale “Rivendita Carne Locale”, Corso Vittorio Veneto 327, 97100 Ragusa

31 March 2017 – Some Day my Impro will come. Kuhlspot Social Club – 74,79 lehderstrasse, 13086 Berlin

from 23 to 30 April 2017 –  Dario Chillemi played two solo concerts at the Gitarrenfestivals Nordhorn
The Nordhorn guitar festival is one of the most important in Europe, where all the big names in the classic guitar world meet and perform.

from 2017 till 2021. He participated to the Oooh improvisation festival, where a big group of musicians and performers use to meet to experiment in improvisation. He performed with this project in Ragusa(Sicily), Berlin and London.

January 2018. Dario Chillemi chose Ordi l’Alchimie, anagram of his name, as artist name.

February 2018. He begun to study and collaborate with Andrea Pennisi, author with Virginia Caldarella of two amazing bestseller illustrated books: “Trattato di Anatomia Emozionale”(2018) e “Atlante degli Arcani Ardenti”(2020). They created a performances about them in a format called “Simposio”, in order to expose to the audience what we use to call the “emotional studies”.

June 2018. Malmo(Sweden) Concert in honor of the science graduates of the University of Lund, with Samuel Lundstrom(violin).

2019. He created a new concert concept called “Musimatemagica”, dedicated to the meditation and developing of the mediatic power.

June 2019. Dario Chillemi performed and arranged his song “Killemin” as singer with a Jazz Orchestra in Catania. The project was called “Monk Open Lab – premio Nuccio Intrisano”.

November 2019. Maroccan Tour organized by the American Language Center. He performed solo guitar concerts and workshop in the cities of Kenitra, Marrakesh, Agadir, Meknes, Fes, Oujda, Casablanca, Mohammedia.

January/February 2020. in the beginning of the year Dario has been playing many concerts in Arambol, Goa(India), especially for contact dance jam sessions. He attended dance workshops himself, too.

1/2/3 April 2020. He organized the “Media Strike”, 3 days without the use of mass media to protest against the corruption of the mediatic system.

21/22 August 2020. “Gran Galà dell’Improbabilità”, to celebrate his 40th birthday he organized a two days improvisation festival with many artist friends.

7 September 2020. The non profit Cultural Association Radio Colomba has been founded and officially registered. Dario Chillemi is the president, Serena Chillemi as vicepresident, Lucia De Francisci as treasurer.

September 2020. Radio Colomba has been financed by the italian copyright society(SIAE) directly from the president Mogol.

20/21/22 August 2021. “New Cyber ID Ritual”. Dario Chillemi deleted his Big Tech accounts to redefine his cyber identity and all relations. This process lead him to an enormous quantity of new consideration about the mediatic power, the importance of the concept of identity and more…He’s still in the process of understanding in order to produce a documentary.