In Balcone, live in Greenhouse Berlin
Linda Jozefowski, flute
Hui Chun Lin, cello
Dario Chillemi, guitar and composition.

Minuetto in Amin, J.S.Bach

This is a rare Minuetto by J.S.Bach, I never listened to it, I can’t find any records or videos, I just have the partiture. As many pieces by Bach, I truly believe they are kind of magic formulas to open gates of perceptions in our mind… Recorded in Mandrem, Goa, India.

Extract from the “Bridge to the Past” in ALC Fes & ALIF: American Language Center & Arabic Language Institute in Fez. “Danza del Fiore” feat. Oud Slayer aka Youness El Issmaeli.

Dario Chillemi plays “Gnossienne n.1” by Erik Satie, filmed by Alex Zampini,
Teufelsberg, Berlin

Sisifo –  New video for the renowned Berlin disco “Sisyphos”

–  Bonobo production(Greenhouse)

Bambini Scatenati – Urban Exploration Fields Recording

Abandoned Hospital in Beelitz(Berlin)

Johann Sebastian Bach – Fugue BWV 1000 (performed by Dario Chillemi)

Equilibrium – Audio Visual Concert. Live stream in Bonobo(Greenhouse), 27.11.14 , Berlin

Dario Chillemi, “Accidental Ritual” in Venice, 29.10.2014, video by Denis Wollenhaupt

Observation is not a Crime, A.F.A. Afro Funk Arkestra, live in Menfi

Sanu, Afro Bougna Band, live in Catania

Ora, Unconditional Love and Zephyr (Ralph Towner)

With VJ Lapsus Visual Art
Live in Mangiacarte Libreria Sociale, Catania 4 Gennaio

 Street Cats – Dancing Performance (different artists)

“Unconditional Love – Legato’s study”

“A Bridge to the Past”

“Audio Visual Concert”

Corde Tese, animated score

Moccolo(di candela)

Commozione Celebrata

Playing in Gendarmenmarkt(Berlin), Mauro Giuliani’s Exercise n°21

Playing in Leipzig.

Laurea di Jazz, Conservatorio “A.Scontrino” Trapani 2009

Bambini Scatenati by Julutan Saba duo

Julutan Saba a Catenanuova, 2006

Dunia Mussolu (Afro Bougna Band)