Dario Chillemi’s orchestral composition “Internal Revolution”(2011), is produced and published by Josè Mobilia for the project NOPAL BURGER.

“Face the Fear” is a Project Song.
It’s not a just a song for me, the theme of Fear is touching me very much, I find it is very actual, connected with our contemporarity.
I think about this song as it were a box to be filled with more contents and suggestions from the collectivity in order to be complete.
Check the Face the Fear project.

I recorded this album to celebrate my 20 years of music experience, that’s why is a Diario(Diary)!

It has an historical approach, i play a circle of musical pieces that goes back into the history of Music, from Contemporary to Primitive music, passing by Baroque and Renesans…
The physical cd has some blank pages(a diary) for the listeners to write or paint on.
If you like to have it via-mail please contact me!

Recorded by Phil Freeborn except track n.2, 7 and 20 by Dario Chillemi, n.21 and 22 by Ralph Goldkind. Mastered by Phil Freeborn and Diego Ferri.
Lay out and illustration by Marta Collica.

“Equilibrium” is a collection of my personal guitar compositions, an invitation to experience me in solo concert mode, only one, Cancion de Cuna, is from Leo Brouwer. With the use of special harmonies and rhythms I intend to translate the beauty of movement and dance, and translate through guitar the eternal swing and dance between opposite poles.

Style: solo guitar, ensemble guitars, contemporary classic and jazz.

Instruments: guitars(classic, 12 strings, electric).

In this album I explore the tensions and possible relationships between the sounds of musical instruments and the sounds of nature.

Instruments: guitars(classic, 12 strings, electric), water games, keyboards, piano, various objects(broken metronome, radio), bells, jew’s harp, Kora(african harp).

Photos by Matteo Baro Matta.
All Tracks remastered by Phil Freeborn, April 2012.
Cover restyled by Marta Collica, Maj 2012.

Fra Campana is a monk who rings the bells of the church, but he doesn’t know why, he just does what the superiors tell him to do. He influences the lives of the town with his playing, and unwittingly creates a deception.

Style: experimental, contemporary jazz, guitars ensembles, descriptive music.

Instruments: guitars(classic, 12 strings, electric), violin, double bass, jew’s harp, piano and baby pianos, keyboard, bells drumkit, various objects, washbass, voices.

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