Bacio e musica

Dario Chillemi is a musician from Catania, Sicily.

He enjoys composition and free improvisation, playing ancient music and music from other countries.

The music he plays is unique and has influences from different styles: classic, jazz, ethnic…everything in 6 strings.

 Listening to Dario Chillemi’ playing is like having a trip into your own consciousness.
Dario Chillemi, an artist always evolving, considers that music and art are the only ways for pure communication.

He has so far self-produced four albums, ”L’inganno di Fra Campana”, “Kamarria” and “Equilibrium”. He produced  his fourth album work in 2012, “D(i)ario Chillemi – A Bridge to the past”.

He likes to travel around, after almost three years of intense artistical activity in Berlin, he bought a van to start a new project called “Accidental Rituals”.

He is now resident artist in the Greenhouse(Berlin), producing the new album…

Dario Chillemi’s  first SINGLE is released

              Face the Fear

Dario Chillemi self-produced his music, he needs your contributes to produce the new album, please SHARE and DONATE !

Follow this link to know more about the “Face the Fear” project.