Ordi l’Alchimie

Wetplate collodion photography by Ganna Kazanova

Ordi l’Alchimie, alias Dario Chillemi,  is a musician and researcher from Catania, Sicily.
He enjoys composition and free improvisation, playing ancient music and music from other countries.
The music he plays is unique and has influences from different styles: classic, jazz, ethnic…everything in 6 strings.
Listening to Dario Chillemi’ playing is like having a trip into your own consciousness.Dario Chillemi, an artist always evolving, considers that music and art are the only ways for pure communication.
Dario is Doctor in Jazz, he graduated in 2009 at the Jazz University in Trapani, Sicily.
He has so far self-produced four albums:
”L’inganno di Fra Campana”(2002), “Kamarria”(2003), “Equilibrium”(2008) and “D(i)ario Chillemi – A Bridge to the past”(2012). “Face the Fear”(2016) is a single produced in Berlin in 2016, which is also a field for the research.
On July 2020 he published a single in an electro style, “Social Distance is Unsane”.
The “Face the Fear” project is a very innovative approach to the research between music and philosophy, what he calls the “Musimatemagica”.
The result of the research is a circus ballet called “Face the Fears the Dream appears”, soon to be produced.
He likes to travel around, after many years of intense artistic activity in Berlin, he bought a van to start a new project called “Accidental Rituals”.
From this experience Radio Colomba was born, “the Immaterial Goods Catcher”; in the last years he recorded many concerts, performances, interviews or just stories from the people he encountered on his way.
On 2020 Radio Colomba project has been financed by the S.I.A.E., the italian copyright society, in order to create a sound healing mobile station in the van and develop the new concept of “radio” he has in mind.
Therefore, Ordi l’Alchimie, after almost 30 years of music studies, is now studying Cimatic and Akousmatic, getting more and more conscious that music can heal and create marvelous transformations and process of spiritual awareness.

Those recent studies suggested him that what he calls “Musimatemagica” could be named “Musimatefisica”, or… Musimetafisica!
On March 2021 he invented the “Sound Cover”, a cover full of speakers to apply on the human bodies.
He’s discovering how to activate powerful biological healing process through the use of frequencies (hertz), considering the notes and their harmonization within a metaphysical and cosmological contest.
…The sound cover also suggests a kind of new thing: “Audioerotism”…!

Check out Radio Colomba, the immaterial goods catcher!

Ordi l’Alchimie playing Guitar and Emoziofono, photo by Renato Ventura.